Is my child ready for kindergarten?


“Is my child ready for kindergarten?” – this is a question with which all parents seem to be fraught, once their children reach the 5-years threshold. The purpose of kindergartens is to prepare the children to recite alphabets, to identify numbers and colors, which in turn help them to excel in their future academic careers. Thus, kindergartens help your children to face the complexities of schools.

There are a number of questions which you need to answer for yourself before enrolling your kid to the kindergarten. Analyze if the kid is sociable and comfortable in interacting with other kids and adults. Your  child is usually ready for the kindergarten if he/she enjoys group activities. He/she additionally needs to be emotionally, as well as socially ready. He/she must be reasonably willing and confident to try out new things.

Benefits of kindergarten:

There are a number of benefits associated with the practice sessions carried out in the kindergartens. The kids are prepared to develop their physical skills. They are encouraged to carry out the day-to-day activities, such as, eating, dressing up and using the toilet without the help of a supervisory adult. A sense of space and balance inculcated in them helps them to manipulate small objects easily. They are also allowed to play with age-specific toys, which in turn develop their eye and hand coordination. This also helps them in developing their grasping capabilities. Their language skills and interactive capabilities also get improved with the continuous use of age-specific toys. This in turn enables them to follow simple instructions as well as their communicative skills. The group activities in which they participate help to polish their problem solving skills as well.

Kindergarten readiness:

According to the experts, one of the most frequently asked question by the parents is, “Is my child ready for kindergarten?”. There are a number of aspects that you need to consider in this case in order to derive a satisfactory result. The developmental stages of the child need to be evaluated. Experts strongly recommend a few critical factors, like the logical reasoning abilities of the child, his ability to speak clearly, his interaction with other kids as well as adults, etc are considered and evaluated before the kid is admitted to a kindergarten. Psychological as well as physical developments of the child need to be taken into consideration as well, when you are wondering “Is my child ready for kindergarten?”. Children follow their own learning pace. Some children are physically adept while they may be slow in terms of the linguistic development capabilities. However, as parents, you should not force them, but rather encourage them to comfortably follow their own path of development.

Why Single People Secretly Wish They Were Married With Kids

Single people secretly wish they were married with kids. Married people may fall off their chairs when they learn that single people secretly wish they were married with kids but that remains a fact. There are many factors that make single people long for married life. Regardless of whether they are committed or not, they wish that they were married. People wish to get married and come home to a partner after a long tiring day at work. There are a lot of reasons why single people secretly wish they were married with kids:

Love: People fall in love and wish to spend the rest of their lives together and then complete their family by having kids. This is one of the major factors that make the single people wish that they were married and happy with a spouse.

Companionship: Single people very often feel lonely and this is something, which can haunt them, as they do not have anyone to share things with. Besides, even they wish to have someone by their side, care for them when they are down and also for physical or emotional reasons. If nothing else, they want to fight with someone over silly and meaningless topics; and who can be a better choice for that than your spouse? Everyone wants to have their own kids, someone who could call them mom or papa.

Regular sex:  This is perhaps the most obvious reason why single people want to get married – regular sex. It is more fulfilling to have sex with one person rather than going on numerous dates and asking your partner to make out with you.

Social life: In order to fit in to the social arena of life, single people wish that they were married with kids. There are a lot of social gatherings, which do not allow stag entries. What better way to enjoy your social life than to be married with a loving spouse and have kids with them? You can mingle with people of your age and have a wonderful time if you are married.

Longer life: Studies have shown that married men (not so for women) tend to enjoy longer life than unmarried men. One of the main reasons for this is because married life reduces their stress of staying single and having to try and find someone suitable. Single people can also share the work with their spouse once they are married. Married people work together as part of a team and both aim to support the other through hard times.

Financial benefits: Like sharing the work pressure, single people can also share their expenses with their spouses once they are married. This helps to take the pressures and burdens off a person, bothe emotional and financial. Besides this, there are also a lot of tax reductions and benefits that are offered to married people by the government.

Is It Common For Married People Dream of Being Single

While the majority of single people dream of getting married and having kids, many married people dream of being single again! For single people who are already in love or are yet to fall in love, they are very eager to get married. The attitude of married people who pine for their single lives and who long to be single again, can be perceived as being quite strange.

Married people dream of being single again as a result of a few reasons. They may even advise single people to sit and think twice before they say, “I do.” This is because they believe that after getting married, people become busy with various responsibilities and the kids, so they hardly find time for each other.

Living with your spouse’s imperfections: You may have lived with your partner prior to marrying them but after marriage; living with them 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, it may now not be as easy to overlook their imperfections. They may even begin to irritate you at times.  As they are only human, it is very possible that they may be in a bad mood from time to time. In this situation, putting up with your spouse may be very difficult to deal with.

Dealing with the kids: The added stress of having to deal with the kids after a day at the office might also make you resent your married life and leave you wishing for your single life again. While you love your kids dearly, you tend to find yourself longing for some free time for yourself once you return home after a long day at work.

Sometimes you need to say sorry even if you know that you are right: After marriage, compromise becomes the keyword in order to maintain your relationship. Married people dream of being single again because they sometimes get fed up with the regular compromises. This feeling becomes worse as people constantly think and believe that there is no escape from this and that it is likely to remain this way for the entirety of their life.

Sharing your spouse’s frustrations: You can often have a great day and when you come back home, you may see your spouse with a sad face, and rotten mood. This may be purely down to the fact that their day was not a very good one. You will need to sit down and share their frustrations, which may kill the joy of your good day.

A sense of lack of freedom: A lot of people feel that they are no longer enjoying the freedom that they used to experience before marriage. Going out with friends, late night parties, or for a lot of trips without having anything to worry about… all these become a bit more difficult once you are married.

While the majority of single people dream of getting married and having kids, many married people dream of being single again! For single people who are already in love or are yet to fall in love, they are very eager to get married. The attitude of married people who pine for their single lives and who long to be single again, can be perceived as being quite strange.

Married people dream of being single again as a result of a few reasons. They may even advise single people to sit and think twice before they say, “I do.” This is because they believe that after getting married, people become busy with various responsibilities and the kids, so they hardly find time for each other.

Living with your spouse’s imperfections: You may have lived with your partner prior to marrying them but after marriage; living with them 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, it may now not be as easy to overlook their imperfections. They may even begin to irritate you at times.  As they are only human, it is very possible that they may be in a bad mood from time to time. In this situation, putting up with your spouse may be very difficult to deal with.

Dealing with the kids: The added stress of having to deal with the kids after a day at the office might also make you resent your married life and leave you wishing for your single life again. While you love your kids dearly, you tend to find yourself longing for some free time for yourself once you return home after a long day at work.

Sometimes you need to say sorry even if you know that you are right: After marriage, compromise becomes the keyword in order to maintain your relationship. Married people dream of being single again because they sometimes get fed up with the regular compromises. This feeling becomes worse as people constantly think and believe that there is no escape from this and that it is likely to remain this way for the entirety of their life.

Sharing your spouse’s frustrations: You can often have a great day and when you come back home, you may see your spouse with a sad face, and rotten mood. This may be purely down to the fact that their day was not a very good one. You will need to sit down and share their frustrations, which may kill the joy of your good day.

A sense of lack of freedom: A lot of people feel that they are no longer enjoying the freedom that they used to experience before marriage. Going out with friends, late night parties, or for a lot of trips without having anything to worry about… all these become a bit more difficult once you are married.

Foods To Avoid When BreastFeeding

Usually, there are all kinds of foods that breastfeeding moms are recommended unless she has food allergies. There are certain foods consumed by the mom and may affect the tot adversely and may cause colic, intestinal aches, gas and bloating of the abdomen. Other than that, infants with allergic reactions may experience the following symptoms:

Running nose
Skin rashes

The baby can react with different indications and this is a signal that the kid is fussy after breastfeeding. First and foremost, the mom should avoid spiced up foods like cinnamon, chili, red pepper and curry during the breastfeeding phase. This might lead to bloating in your baby. Spices are difficult to be digested by infants and although they might take in the milk, it will be tough for their digestive systems. Stomach upsets will consequently lead to puking and grave abdominal pain. You might even avoid vegetables such as broccoli, beans, Brussels sprouts, hot peppers, turnips, cauliflower, cabbage and cucumber. Don’t go for citrus fruits like pineapple, oranges, lemons, and grape fruit that may cause nappy rash in baby. There are other food products that might lead to allergic or other reactions in babies and these are:

Soy beans
Dairy products

The above mentioned foods should be got after consulting the doctor. Do away the foods like caffeine which you used to consume about up to 700 ml. Caffeine takes away the baby’s ability to sleep. Tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited and you must try to stop them completely while breastfeeding. Nursing moms are also recommended to avert fried foods, medications for cold allergy, aspirin, artificial sweeteners, and coconut, among others.

For minimizing the risks involved with nursing a baby, all moms should avoid fresh water fish from contaminated water bodies. There may even be environmental pollution causing substances in the commercially produced vegetables and fruits. Hence, you should rinse them thoroughly as they may be produced from pesticides. Harmful chemicals may even be present in poultry and meat especially in their fatty parts. Hence, nursing moms should tend to avoid them as much as possible.

In case you notice a change in the behavior of your infant, like discomfort and fussiness, consider what you had before feeding. Then, try feeding after eliminating the irritant from your diet. This will lead to good health of the baby.

Avoiding a Bad Pre-school in North Carolina

Getting your child admitted to a pre-school is definitely a momentous task for both you as well as your child.  However, to choose the right pre-school is a task that seems to be all the more challenging. To give the right kind of guidance, it is very important that you choose the right kind of schools for your kids – and the process starts as early as the pre-school days. To avoid a bad pre-school, it is important that you are aware of the various warning signs and are able to identify them easily. For example, it is important that you consider and verify the truth behind the buzz that you heard from other parents about the school. A consistently negative report about the pre-school should never be overlooked without being verified.

Here’s a list of a few parameters that you need to evaluate very carefully, to judge if at all your child should be enrolled in the particular school or not:

The teacher-student ratio is an important factor that needs to be considered to avoid a bad pre-school. According to the recommendations of the NAEYC, the teacher-student ratio must ideally be 1:8. This is particularly favorable for children aged from 5 to 7 years.

It is better to avoid pre-schools that do not offer back-up facilities. Pre-schools that do not come with such facilities may charge you extra for Read More »