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The 6 Best Healthy Family Foods of 2009

It’s not hard to tell that I am a big fan of eating well and avoiding foods that are bad for your health.   As a North Carolinian, many of my diet choices are limited to the local options that are around me.  Consider that Raleigh, North Carolina was ranked #19th  fattest city in the country […]

Private School + Rent or Public School + Mortgage?

I wanted to ask a question that I have often debated for both sides in different settings since my earliest college days.  When considering overall value (cost, experience and future accomplishments) is it smarter for families to rent and pay for private school or buy a home and send their children to public schools? Feel […]

Montessori, Waldorf, Bank Street and other Pre-school Curriculums

Are you wondering what type of preschool is right for your child? With all the philosophies it is difficult to find one that will benefit your child’s unique needs. Let’s compare the top 5 early education philosophies

5 Worst Foods to Leave out of 2009

Educating yourself and family regarding the best foods to eat is indeed a life long choice. Before I begin, let me cover my legal bases. I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a nutritional policy maker and make no claims to be.  As a fairly conscious parent, I do claim to have a better […]

NC Family News Round-Up 1/17/2009

Inauguration inspiring classrooms across the country. [NY Times] At 35 Weeks Pregnant, Get All the Sleep You Can Now! [Preggo Page] Spike & Annie -Eco-friendly Couture Resort Wear for Kids [Skimbaco Lifestyle] Raleigh Farmers’ Market Restaurant Closed for Repairs [RNB] Brazilian firms step up to bridge education gap [LA Times Students Covering Bigger Share of […]