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NC Family News Round-Up 2/12/2009

Life in the windy city of Durham… Valentines Day Crafts Websites Octuplet mom has no concerns about the economy. Heart Warming Random Acts of Kindness. Time for families to boycott Kelloggs? Zebulon Middle School Student Wounded Better Teens in Need of More Sleep or Discipline? Autism and Vaccine Debates Are Going Strong.

How much is child care in Raleigh/Wake County?

So you survived the hospital costs involved with delivery.  You have even paid for that designer diaper bag and stroller to match.  Paying for diapers and milk, no biggie right? Whoever said that raising children will cost over $1 million dollars must have been talking about celebrity babies right?  Well congratulations on getting your child […]

Is Soy Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?

Modern Dairy Farm Cow’s milk is for cows, the saying has been told.  But if we expanded on that logic, many of the foods we consume would not longer be consumable.  That would mean that little fish should be eaten by big fish, eating plant seeds is a bad idea and having honey is equivalent […]

NC Family News Round-Up 2/7/2009

The weather has broken for the better…. …But the Triangle never had much to complain about. Wake County parents focused on the reassignment plan. President Obama didn’t have to wait long to get his first school. Still paying student loans?  Help is on the way. Lego store headed to Crabtree Valley Mall. Are you giving […]

Tips for ‘The Highest Sperm Count on the Block’

The guys at DadLabs (Media content for ‘SuperDads’) recently produced a great piece on Male Fertility, that will have educate male viewers as to how to create, “the highest sperm counts on the block.”