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Best Durham Family Attractions

The name “Durham” is coined out of the Old English “Dun”, meaning hill and the Old Norse “Holme” meaning island. Located in North Carolina, Durham is the largest city in the state according to its population count. It also has an extensive tourism sector that offers a host of Durham family attractions to curious visitors. […]

Durham Museum of Life and Science

The Durham Museum of Life and Science is a unique place that equally interests both children and adults. This Durham museum was previously known as the North Carolina Children’s Museum and features a unique array of exhibits that illustrate and explain the different ideas and concepts of natural science.  It is located at the Murray […]

Defining The Montessori Curriculum

Investigating the Montessori Curriculum Montessori curriculum is something that we all have all experienced but many of us are not quite sure of the real definition of the word. Montessori is a method of education that was specifically designed for kids who have just stepped into the world of formal teaching. Maria Montessori started this […]

How to Avoid Losing the Romance After Kids

Falling in love is a truly amazing experience!  Getting married to your sweetheart and having kids with them is a feeling of eternal joy.  However, many people are in agreement that after the kids are born, that magical romance between them and their spouse somehow seems to disappear. This is not due to the lack […]

The 2 Minute Breast Feeding Pump Review

There are different options for breastfeeding and you can also use the different pumps for breastfeeding purposes. There are even pumps that can be rented. Some people believe that in the long run, rental pumps are a considerable element to invest in. Although according to a few moms, these may not work properly and they […]