What To Expect at Preschool?

Is my child ready for pre-school?” – this has always been one of the biggest questions which linger in the minds of the new parents. Enrolling your child to the pre-school in the first place implies that you are separating your child from you and the protective shelter that you had so long given to them for several hours. Therefore, one of the main purposes of pre-schools also is to prepare your child to not remain thoroughly dependent on you. It helps you child to get used to being fed by other adults, being helped in the bathroom by others, as well as enable them to perform other kinds of functions independently.

Thus, before you place your child to the pre-schools, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Is your child terribly shy?
Is your child interested in other children and in the tasks they are doing?
Is she able to communicate her feelings with the other adults freely?
Does she have to depend on other adults to translate for her?

Are you wondering “Is my child ready for pre-school?”? The first step to find your answer is to sit and analyze if your child is capable of handling the projects on his/her own. Keep a close watch on the activities of your kids and verify if they love puzzles and other gaming activities. You can enquire and learn from the teachers whether the child is capable of handling themselves on their own, or are seeking help from the adults. As parents, you need to continuously encourage your children to come up with innovative ideas and employ their creativity skills during the play sessions.

The children must willingly participate in activities and interact with their class mates. Children by nature are extremely inquisitive. They must sign up for participating in the gaming sessions, introduce themselves in the class and not feel shy. Learning together enhances the interactive sessions thereby making the learning procedure much more fun-filled and lively.

The children must also be comfortable with predictable routines. The pre-scheduled time for lunch, play and snacks helps them feel comfortable as well as in control while the routine activities are going on. Even if the child is not very comfortable with the schedule offered initially, with time they learn to mould them accordingly and function in a time-bound manner. Consideration of all the above factors will put to rest your concerns regarding “Is my child ready for preschool?”.

Experts opine that there are a number of ways in which you can develop the skills of your child while preparing him/her for the kindergarten. Children, by nature, are very instinctive. Studies conducted by a number of child health centers show that the children tend to give their best performance when they are cared by individuals who show genuine concern for their overall development and well being. The pre-schools offer the kids a wide range of age-appropriate equipment, which brings about their overall mental and physical development. Interaction with other kids also broadens their social horizon and prepares them for facing their future academic goals.

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