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Why Single People Secretly Wish They Were Married With Kids

Single people secretly wish they were married with kids. Married people may fall off their chairs when they learn that single people secretly wish they were married with kids but that remains a fact. There are many factors that make single people long for married life. Regardless of whether they are committed or not, they […]

Is It Common For Married People Dream of Being Single

While the majority of single people dream of getting married and having kids, many married people dream of being single again! For single people who are already in love or are yet to fall in love, they are very eager to get married. The attitude of married people who pine for their single lives and […]

Foods To Avoid When BreastFeeding

Usually, there are all kinds of foods that breastfeeding moms are recommended unless she has food allergies. There are certain foods consumed by the mom and may affect the tot adversely and may cause colic, intestinal aches, gas and bloating of the abdomen. Other than that, infants with allergic reactions may experience the following symptoms: […]

Date Ideas For Adults With Kids

Kids – aren’t they what you always wanted to have?  However, when they finally come, you suddenly noticed that you are not getting to spend the same quality time with your partner anymore that you used to. It is not the kids…it is the lack of time that is hindering you from spending quality time […]

How to Avoid Losing the Romance After Kids

Falling in love is a truly amazing experience!  Getting married to your sweetheart and having kids with them is a feeling of eternal joy.  However, many people are in agreement that after the kids are born, that magical romance between them and their spouse somehow seems to disappear. This is not due to the lack […]