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How to Start a Pre-school in North Carolina

As the child grows up, it becomes a constant concern for the parents to find the right kind of pre-school for their child. As you search for the best pre-school in North Carolina, you need to remember that your child is going through a very sensitive stage of his/her life, when he/she is being sent […]

Protecting Kids from ID Theft

Identity or ID theft is a crime, which is not only targets adults but it also targets kids. The worrying fact is that many children are unaware of the fact that they have been victims of crime until they apply for jobs, student loans or credit cards. It is therefore important that you monitor your […]

How to Run 2 Miles and Gain Weight!

5,038 registered adults willfully run a 2 mile race for charity. Oh did I forget to mention that at the halfway point, each runner is expected to eat a 1 dozen Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts?

Positive Parenting Lessons & Tips

The Center For Disease Control recently published a series entitled positive parenting…