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Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump is a standard device that is basically piston driven. It is a double electric powered breast pump. The EnDeare breast pump can help in the initiation of milk supply when in some cases breast feeding is not possible naturally, besides collecting the expressed milk. The internal piston of […]

Durham Museum of Life and Science

The Durham Museum of Life and Science is a unique place that equally interests both children and adults. This Durham museum was previously known as the North Carolina Children’s Museum and features a unique array of exhibits that illustrate and explain the different ideas and concepts of natural science.  It is located at the Murray […]

Pre-Schools vs. Home Schools

As the child starts growing, the parents decide about getting them admitted to the home schools or contemporary schools. There are no compulsory modes of education promulgated by the governing laws of the United States and hence, any member of the family can consider the options of pre-school vs home schools and take a call […]

Movie Scene 02/06/2009: (Coraline, Up & Madagascar 2)

Coraline storms into theaters this weekend.  While more Nightmare Before Christmas than a Disney Princess film, early reviews have been good.  I would not recommend this film for anyone not in the the ‘tween bracket or for those with heavier religious leanings than others.   Roger Ebert says, “Coraline” is the new film by Henry Selick, […]