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Eating Fine Chocolate (Cacao) For Beginners

Not all chocolate is created equal.  For some it is passionate love affair, an expression of taste that is savored on the palate slowly.  You have most likely enjoyed a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, or nibbled on a bag of chocolate chips, but have you really experienced the taste of a gourmet chocolate?  Most mass […]

Nutrition Project: Introducing Your Child To Organic Produce

It is never too early to start healthy eating habits with your children, especially when it can help adopt a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is on the rise with in children, and even though schools and the media preach healthier choices, parents need to instill the right habits.

Tips for ‘The Highest Sperm Count on the Block’

The guys at DadLabs (Media content for ‘SuperDads’) recently produced a great piece on Male Fertility, that will have educate male viewers as to how to create, “the highest sperm counts on the block.”

How to Run 2 Miles and Gain Weight!

5,038 registered adults willfully run a 2 mile race for charity. Oh did I forget to mention that at the halfway point, each runner is expected to eat a 1 dozen Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts?