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Foods To Avoid When BreastFeeding

Usually, there are all kinds of foods that breastfeeding moms are recommended unless she has food allergies. There are certain foods consumed by the mom and may affect the tot adversely and may cause colic, intestinal aches, gas and bloating of the abdomen. Other than that, infants with allergic reactions may experience the following symptoms: […]

Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump

There are certain things to consider before buying a breast pump.  Among the main things that you should look for before investing in a breast pump is, whether they are closed system ones with replaceable flanges and tubes. The closed system pumps are always a better choice as they are specially designed to prevent the […]

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

It is not always a good idea to feed formula to a newborn baby. Most mothers resent it and those who do, do so because they don’t have an option. Newborn babies who get breast-fed are always at an advantage over those don’t in terms of overall growth, muscle development and brain tissue growth. In […]

Common Symptoms of Casein Allergy in Children

Casein is a type of protein. It is generally found in milk and milk products. It can also be found in wheat. A lot of food items have casein in them, as most of them are made from milk or wheat. Casein has an intrinsic property of holding foods together. Casein allergy or gluten allergy: […]

Facts on Losing Weight While BreastFeeding

In pregnant women, the body takes on additional layers of fatty tissues which accumulate fat for supporting breastfeeding.  After the baby is born, you may have a varied and balanced diet and this can make you lose on weight during pregnancy, especially when you are breast feeding your baby.  Additionally, you burn those calories naturally […]