Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda’s Hygieni Kit Milk Collection Systems

As a new mother, your love and care for your child will mean more than anything to the baby. Breast feeding is obviously the most important thing that a baby will require in the first 3 months of starting a new life in this world. Mothers’ milk is the first food that nourishes the baby. The Ameda breast pump has been helping the mothers to keep feeding their babies with their breast milk since 60 odd years.

There are various kinds of breast pumps that are in the market to suit the need of every new mother. If you need to pump your breast on a daily basis, you might want to go for a hospital grade breast pump. Apart from this, the Electric Breast Pump is a durable device and it is also efficient. It provides options for the new mother to adjust the suction speed and the cycle speed. You need to adjust the speed according to the suction speed of your baby to get the best comfort in the milk production process. These breast pumps are basically piston driven devices. It is very convenient and simple to operate. Only 6 pounds in weight, the device is a compact and light model.  These breast pumps are compatible with all Ameda’s HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems.

The Ameda’s Hygieni Kit Milk Collection Systems come with a number of accessories, which can be of great help to you to collect your breast milk. The unique and patented feature of these breast pumps is that their silicone diaphragm suctions in the milk to enter its tube – thus it is easy to clean. Pre-assembled, these pumps are ready to be used immediately after purchase. These breast pumps come with a carry kit. The carry kit consists of six 4-ounce feeding bottles. The bottles also have their own insulated covers. If you do not want to carry so much stuff, we also have for you a Single Hygieni Kit Milk Collection System. This has a one-hand device.

You could also try Ameda Nurture III Double Electric Breast Pump. This is the best device for long term use. Having a 5 settings suction control, it allows you to control the speed with which you are best comfortable with. It is a quiet yet efficient device. The Nurture III Double Electric Breast Pumps can produce 15 to 30 cycles in a minute.

A great feature of these breast pumps is that they protect the milk against any kids of contamination. Breast milk can often be contaminated by a thousand bacteria, and other germs. Ameda breast pumps are provided with a diaphragm which keeps the milk from getting contaminated.

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