Common Symptoms of Casein Allergy in Children

Casein is a type of protein. It is generally found in milk and milk products. It can also be found in wheat. A lot of food items have casein in them, as most of them are made from milk or wheat. Casein has an intrinsic property of holding foods together.

Casein allergy or gluten allergy: Gluten is a special type of a protein that is mainly found in wheat and it is also found in some other grains like barley and rye. Some people are allergic to gluten. Gluten allergy is also known as casein allergy. Casein allergy is a kind of food allergy.  It happens when the immunity system of our body feels a threat against it and as a result it starts producing certain types of antibodies, which cause various kinds of allergic reactions. However, casein allergy is not to be mistaken with casein intolerance. Unlike casein allergy, casein intolerance is a digestive problem and is not concerned with the body’s immune system.  It is also very common in children. The common symptoms of casein allergy in children should be an alarm to get your child diagnosed in relation to the allergy. Then they should be treated accordingly of the allergy and be put on a casein free or CF diet.

Common Symptoms of Casein Allergy in Children:

Skin rash: Skin rashes are one of the most common symptoms of casein allergy in children. If you begin to notice any kinds of red or white rashes in your child, you must take them to see a doctor immediately. The doctor might ask your child to go for a skin prick test or blood test, if he suspects allergy. This is important and it will help to correctly identify the allergy.

Abdominal cramps: Your child can get abdominal cramps if he or she is allergic to casein. The cramps that they have will be unlike any other sharp pain that they have experienced before.

Diarrhea: Your child can suffer from diarrhea as a symptom of casein allergy.

Runny nose and watery eyes: Your child can have a runny nose and may also suffer from watery eyes. If it last for a long period of time then it should not be mistaken to be a common cold and you must take your child to see the doctor so that allergy tests can be carried out.

Breathlessness: Your child can get breathlessness even if he or she only takes part in daily physical activities like walking or running.

Bloating and Gas: Bloating and gas can be a common symptom. Children usually do not understand if they are experiencing gas or not. It is therefore up to you to find out. If you find it and fail to understand the cause, you must consult a doctor.

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