Date Ideas For Adults With Kids

date night ideas for mom and dad

Kids – aren’t they what you always wanted to have?  However, when they finally come, you suddenly noticed that you are not getting to spend the same quality time with your partner anymore that you used to. It is not the kids…it is the lack of time that is hindering you from spending quality time with your partner. The increased responsibility is what is boggling you down. Even when you get some time from the daily demands of family chores, you waste it wondering about date ideas when you have kids.

So here’s a list to help you out. Just give these date ideas when you have kids a try and keep the romance going:

Night In: With the kids coming into picture, being able to go out on a romantic date looks like a Herculean task. But that shouldn’t stop you from stealing some romantic moments from your life. If you do not find time to go out together, you can just grab the couch together, snuggle in and watch a movie. If the movie is a romantic one, half your job is done. If not, then let it roll along with your romantic whispers. One big no-no for the nights is to discuss any family issues. The key to the Night In romance is to enjoy the company of each other in seclusion, much like you did before marriage or before the kids arrived.

Afternoon Acts: On weekends in the afternoon, as your kid explores a different world in his dreams, it is an opportunity to explore yours. Choose an activity that both of you enjoy – swimming, fishing, riding, playing golf or anything for that matter… and just go for it. If you do not want to go out or have the time to do so, there are a lot of activities like playing cards, strumming the guitar, cooking or even gardening. Let the activity be an excuse while you two spend time with each other. If both you and your sweetheart love cooking, make a nice dessert and pamper yourselves feeding each other.

Parents’ Night Away: Stop wondering about date ideas when you have kids and engage that time in finding a reliable babysitter. Once you get one, you can carry on with your romance with your partner. Book a nice room in a hotel and spend the night with each other, talking about the times you shared… this would make both of you take a quick peep into the past and you both will fall in love with each other once again. Relive the courtship days once again…and find for yourself the freshness it brings in your routine life.
Involve the kids: The kids are yours. So, why not try and involve them as you romance your partner? Take a day off and go to the amusement park or museum. As your kids enjoy the rides, you get to enjoy each others’ company.

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