Durham Museum of Life and Science

The Durham Museum of Life and Science is a unique place that equally interests both children and adults. This Durham museum was previously known as the North Carolina Children’s Museum and features a unique array of exhibits that illustrate and explain the different ideas and concepts of natural science.  It is located at the Murray Avenue along the northern tract of the Butterfly House, Grayson’s Café, Farmyard, Explore the Wild Nature Park, Train, Catch the Wind and a lot of new exhibits that are yet to come up. Before the main building was constructed, the southern tract used to have a parking space as well as administrative functions. The Durham Museum of Life and Science has a highly interactive state of the art exhibits with equipments for nature exploration.

With numerous interesting activities to offer, the museum manages to excite and thrill you every moment. You can sit within the Mercury Capsule to watch the baby alligators have their food. You can get a first hand feel of the 13 feet tornado, or explore the Lunar Lander and investigate Data Earth that specializes in global communication. There are over 75 different species of animals at the Durham Museum of Life and Science, as well as a weather exhibit.  The Magic Wings Butterfly House is a spectacular three-storied conservatory. It contains the Bayer Crop Science Insectarium as well as the Lepidoptera Learning Lab, housing different kinds of butterflies that chart the tropical flora and nectar honing flowers in the butterfly meadow.

In the Bayer Crop Science Insectarium, you can watch live insect predators. You can also find collaborative exhibits and specialty equipments that take you on a tour of the insect world, such as, their locomotion, thermal regulation, the powers of a spider’s filament, plans of the webs and function of insects in predation and decomposition. The Ellerbee Creek Railway at the Durham Museum of Life and Science takes you on a tour of the Museum Nature Park and shows you the black bears and red wolves.

All these activities throughout the day are definitely going to leave you with a strong craving for some refreshment. So quickly rush to the Caterpillar Café and pamper yourself with sip on the hot coffee and sandwich! Once, refueled and ready to move, you can visit the gift shop there. So don’t just come out with a bag full of experience, but also with a pouch full of gifts and tokens for yourself and your close ones who could not accompany you.

Certain educational services are also conducted at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Here, around 80,000 students approximately are educated every year, through training, professional workshops, science kits and accredited programs. There is also a Summer Science Camp. A Youth Partner Program is conducted during the summer months where specialists and animal technicians are taught to master sundry skills in a coordinated environment for creating an intellectually powerful career potential.

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