Facts on Losing Weight While BreastFeeding

breastfeeding for weight loss

In pregnant women, the body takes on additional layers of fatty tissues which accumulate fat for supporting breastfeeding.  After the baby is born, you may have a varied and balanced diet and this can make you lose on weight during pregnancy, especially when you are breast feeding your baby.  Additionally, you burn those calories naturally every time you nurse. If you are a dieting postpartum woman, who is prone to dieting or skipping meals or taking vigorous exercises, you may lose weight rapidly. Your body tends to release a higher amount of toxins into your breast milk. However, despite everything, the milk still remains the best source of food for your baby.  Therefore, loss of weight should not deter you from breastfeeding.

You can make your way towards healthy weight loss by eating food only when you feel hungry and to maintain this regime, ensure that you take enough of fluids.  This helps lose weight safely and easily. Since child birth is something too overwhelming, the mother tends to have thoughts regarding being able to cope. At a certain stage, depression sets in, owing to the action of hormones. There is even a feeling of anxiety that the mom will not be able to look attractive any more. Usually, moms gain weight after pregnancy and this helps in providing the baby nutrition in the formative stages.  Others believe you should avoid some foods including avoiding wine while breastfeeding.

How to Lose Weight Post Delivery

Breastfeeding is a good way to lose weight and studies have proved that mothers who breastfeed are able to get back in shape much faster than moms who avert breastfeeding. A good reason for this could be the fact that lactation takes away a good amount of calories and nutrition out of your body and this is why mothers need to make sure that they breastfeed their babies at least for about 6 months following birth.

If you think you are putting on weight after delivery, try breastfeeding. You may also seek to regulate your diet by taking in healthy foods for a period of 3 months. Your milk will contain the stuff that you consume. Ideally, a balanced diet should incorporate lots of nutrition, low fat foods, green vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, pasta etc. You should also avoid carbonated drinks or soft drinks, coffee, tea and beverages containing sugar.  Try exercising as heavy workouts can help you lose weight. Take early morning walks by walking at minimal speed, or swim, cycle or play outdoor games.

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