Goddard Schools in Raleigh Exposed!

goddard schools raleigh

Today we will take a look at the Goddard schools in Raleigh and North Carolina.  Understanding how much a child care in Raleigh costs is the first part of the research in searching for a child care.

The Goddard preschools are franchised by the GSI or the Goddard System, Inc, which is situated in Pennsylvania. There are about 300 pre-schools across America. All the pre-schools have an on-location franchisee and educational director. The schools follow the philosophies of proficient educationists like Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. The Goddard schools aim to cater the toddlers of 6 months to 6 years of age.

In these schools, you have an option to know about your child’s daily activities. Here, the teacher always pays individual attention to each and every kid. This is evident from the Daily Activity Report that they hand over to you, when you come to pick up your ward. This report has the details of what your child did and learnt throughout the day. You will also know what portion of her food she ate or how good she is at picking up the tips of her potty training. The teachers will also add a special moment of her day in the report card. Apart from this, you can also call or come in the schools to see what your kid is doing. You can also join her/him at lunch time or play time. You will not have to miss a single thing of your child’s day.

There is always an owner and an Educational Director at the Goddard schools. You can contact them whenever you feel like and can offer changes and suggestions that you feel would be beneficial for your kid. You can also discuss any problems that concern your child with the teachers. The Educational Director prepares the curriculum and programs of the children. The dual structure of management facilitates a better environment for your child, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, without any loophole.

There are a number of schedules that are offered for your child. You can choose the ones that you feel are feasible for your kid. You can send your child to school for half a day or the entire day, for 2 days a week or for 5 days a week. Many schools have the provision of before- and after-school programs.

The schools of Goddard are committed to ensure the safety and security of your child. Any visitor who comes along has to log in his/her name in the guest books and has to provide a proof of his/her identity. The GSI also has certain health and safety procedures for the children, and looks into it that all of them are rigorously followed.

At these schools, your child is encouraged to learn. The teachers provide you the monthly lesson plans that you can help the child with. An ideal teacher-student ratio is maintained, so that the teachers can give more attention, if they have to, to deal with small groups of children. They boost the confidence of each child and nurture his/her personality. The kids are encouraged to ask questions as they learn, which in turn, increases their confidence and their knowledge base.

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