How to Avoid Losing the Romance After Kids

Falling in love is a truly amazing experience!  Getting married to your sweetheart and having kids with them is a feeling of eternal joy.  However, many people are in agreement that after the kids are born, that magical romance between them and their spouse somehow seems to disappear. This is not due to the lack of love between them. The main factor for the disappearance of romance is the hectic time schedule that couples now have. Many people want to avoid losing the romance after kids. Many couples have a very busy schedule, which predominantly involves taking care of the kids and this results in the fact that couples are not left with an opportunity to spend quality time together.

In spite of all the hassles and hindrances that may occur due to lack of time, you can still avoid losing the romance after kids.  The intimacy, which is lost as a result of family needs and demands, can be regained.  A few endeavors from both your and your partner’s side can rekindle that fire of romance yet again.

Married Couple Dating is Not Easy.

Redefine the idea of romance: The time that you spent together before you got married may now seem to have had a different definition of romance. Going on dates or watching a movie signified the epitome of romance. After tying the knot, it was just a moonlit night or a candle light dinner that did the magic. Now that you have kids, you are no longer able to find the time for such pursuits. How about watching a late night show on the television with your fingers entwined into your partner’s? If you are perceptive enough, you may even notice the romance when your partner stays up the night with your feverish child, allowing you to have a good sleep. Romance does not die, when you have kids; they just become lost somewhere amongst the burden of important responsibilities. All you need is to bring it up.

Relight the dark spots that have overshadowed the romance: Those that are not married have plenty of chances to experience romance but the fact remains that they have more time for love as they don’t have any kids. You need to put in that extra effort to keep the romance alive after having kids. Invest in a babysitter, who you can rely on and spend a few hours together. Go out for dinners, or go on a long drive… you will discover in talks and silences that nothing has changed.

Create new magic to keep the romance alive: Think of new but romantic ways of creating magic. As you you’re your kids school books into their school bags, stop to write a quick love note and attach it to the mirror for your loved one to read. Think of new ides; after all, it is you who knows your partner the best.

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