Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump is a standard device that is basically piston driven. It is a double electric powered breast pump. The EnDeare breast pump can help in the initiation of milk supply when in some cases breast feeding is not possible naturally, besides collecting the expressed milk.

The internal piston of these breast pumps is a powerful and efficient one and lets the mother adjust the suction speed manually, to match her comfort level. Thus you can customize the devices according to your own preferences. It is really light and poses no problems at all to carry around, even when you are traveling.

When the internal lithium ion battery is charged fully, the breast pump can give you 4 hours of suction. The EnDeare breast pumps are offered with a bonus feature – the Hygeia Customized Audio Recording Experience (CARE) button. This lets you record the voice and sounds of your baby for 20 seconds. You can play them back while drawing your milk by using the device, as they will give you a complete pumping experience. The EnDeare breast pumps have a barrier between the tubes of the pump and the collection chambers. So, you will never have condensed milk gathered inside the tube; thus the cleaning process is also easy.

It is an achievement for the EnDeare breast pumps to be registered as a multi user pump with the Food and Drug Administration, United States. So, when your baby grows up and no longer requires to be fed with breast milk, you can pass the pump on to your friends or relatives. The high durability of the breast pumps make them a good thing to invest in. If you have no one to pass on the pump, you could simply send it back to Hygeia, which can recycle it. This is why they have been dubbed as green breast pumps.

Hygeia also gives you a Total Compatibility Guarantee with every pump including the Hygeia Enjoye, which says that if you are not completely satisfied with the product you could return the pump to them within 21 days of your purchase. The weight of the Hygeia EnDeare Pump is 4 lbs 14 oz. It also has various dimensions such as: 9.75 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches etc.


Small and light – easy to carry
Comes with a unique attribute of Hygeia CARE Button for the ultimate recording experience
Offers both single or double pumping
4 hours of drawing capacity with full charge
Can be passed on and reused
Mimics baby’s natural suckling patterns
Initiates milk supply if breastfeeding is not possible

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