Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump

There are certain things to consider before buying a breast pump.  Among the main things that you should look for before investing in a breast pump is, whether they are closed system ones with replaceable flanges and tubes. The closed system pumps are always a better choice as they are specially designed to prevent the milk from getting contaminated.

Before you buy any breast pumps, talk to your friends or relatives who might have used one. They can give you a clear picture and clarify your doubts. You could also talk to your lactating consultant who could tell you which model would be the best, taking into consideration, the size of your breast and nipples. You can choose to discuss your anxieties with a lot of new mothers on the internet through various forums.

Control your suction speed: Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump come with a suction speed controller. You can now choose the one with which you feel most comfortable. Normally mothers select it according to the suckling speed of the baby. The right speed selection will enhance the experience of drawing your milk. Buy your breast pump depending on how you would use it. There are several factors to take into account like:

How long will you use the pump?
Will you use it for the most of the time of the day, or you will use it occasionally?
Are you planning to use the same pump for more children of yours?

Ask the lactating consultants which pump will suit you best, as they can provide you with the optimum solution for your requirements.

Place of pumping: Decide on the environment in which you would prefer to do your pumping. Generally, if most of your pumping will be indoors you would require only a home based pump, which is less expensive. If you plan to carry the pump along, then you may want to buy a handy one. A portable pump may be a bit expensive but it will suit your cause.

Carrying kit: You could also buy a pump that comes with a carrying kit. You get different types of bags with the Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pumps like shoulder bags and back packs. These bags come with a number of compartments for various accessories that are required for the pump. You could also carry your baby’s diapers and mobile phones inside these good looking bags. The bags do not let the world know what you are carrying in them.

Choose the optimum solution for your requirements when you invest in a breast pump. It is best to go for Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pumps which can also be passed on to some one or simply returned to the company.

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