Tips for ‘The Highest Sperm Count on the Block’

Fertility and infertility are indeed facts of life.  While it may not seem like an obvious parallel allow me to tap into my inner philosopher; In many ways fertility and infertility are similar to joys and pains associated with being single and  married.  Some people are happy in their current situations, for others, the grass is much greener on the other side.

For example in my family, if the men look too long at their women, you can often expect to have a baby shower invitation in about 6 months.  For others, countless trips to specialist are a part of the challenging journey to becoming a parent.  The guys at DadLabs (Media content for ‘SuperDads’) recently produced a great piece on Male Fertility, that will have educate male viewers as to how to create, “the highest sperm counts on the block.”  Enjoy these insights into increasing male fertility.

If you have any tips for enhancing male fertility be sure to leave your comments for the TriangleJr readers.

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