Exploring Faith Based (Christian) Pre-schools

Many people prefer to have their children admitted in the Faith Based (Christian) Pre-schools. If you are choosing such a pre-school for your kid, you must choose the one that supports your faith. Some faith based pre-schools are located in interior places, whereas, others are situated in the urban zone.

Differences with other pre-schools

Faith Based (Christian) Pre-schools are different from the normal day care or normal pres-chools in a number of ways. They differ in their philosophy, in their denomination and of course in faith. If you want a faith based program for your child, you need to evaluate whether the preschool you have selected follows the same faith as you have. Again, it may or may not be a factor to you. For instance, Catholics and Protestants do not mind crossing the denominational lines. So, you can also try selecting the program with the best philosophy for your kid.

Therefore, to be sure that you have selected the right kind of pre-school, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. The following checklist lists out a few key factors to guide you to the right choice:

1. The pre-school that you select should have a healthy and positive environment for the best development of your child.

2. The preschool must have a good stock of children’s resources.

3. Certain schools allow the involvement of the family in certain programs or activities. Such involvement creates a better bonding between you and your child. Therefore, it is wise to choose such pre-schools, as you can also see your child grow and develop in the pre-school premises.

4. Talk to the directors, credentials, staffs and teachers and go by your instinct. Know about their philosophies and see whether they match yours. This will also give you an instinctive feeling as to whether your child would get the kind of care, understanding, support and space that you would want him to get in the pre-school.

The programs designed for children of 0-2 years should be enriched with different vocabularies, so that the child can pick them up naturally. If the child is of 3-6 years of age, select a program for him which is enriched with math and reading sessions.

The children go to the pre-schools not just for academic knowledge, but for an overall development of the body, mind and spirit. Even the Faith Based (Christian) Pre-schools have a lot of programs that offer lots of extra-curricular activities to the children.

Games: Games are designed to stimulate the mental and the physical growth of the kids. The games also have a lot of physical activities related with them. Normally, games being a team activity, it also develops the child’s socializing capabilities. These help the child to build his/her other soft skills, like communications, team values, confidence to mingle with others, etc.

Music: The kids are taught songs and some are also instructed to play some musical instrument provided they have a knack towards it. There may be latent potential in the kid, and such programs are best to let such talents excel.

Foreign language: The kids are taught a foreign language as their secondary language. Since childhood is the best time to develop vocabulary faster, this is an ideal thing to include in the programs.

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