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Kids R Kids Pre-school is a place where you could send your child with your eyes closed.  This pre-school gears up your child for the bigger challenges of life. Each child needs to be equipped well in the early years of his/her life so that he/she can continue learning with the same zeal in elementary schools. The schools help build the confidence of your child through the small successes that she enjoys in daily life.

In Kids R Kids Pre-school Raleigh, the encouragement of the teachers leads the children to try and do things on their own. In such an attempt, they soon become independent and learn to do things by themselves. The programs are designed with the child’s psyche in mind. The programs are divided into a number of categories – weekly, monthly and theme-based. Both group and individual functions help in the overall development of your child. Children are given a number of opportunities, where they can understand their stream of interest among the sea of activities that they do in the day.

Work to increase vocabularies: The children are introduced to Value Words, every week. This is done to strengthen the vocabulary of your child.  They are made to form sentences and know the right spelling of the Value Word of the week.

Writing and Reading sessions: The kids attend writing and reading sessions. With proper pronunciation and the correct pauses for commas and full stops, they learn to read and intonate correctly.

Fun activities and music: To help the child not get bored by only academics, they are involved in a number of fun activities as well, like playing on the slide or rocking chairs. Music is also something which the children are engaged with. Knowing the names of musical instruments is also introduced along with learning songs and carols. This ensures a balanced life for the children in their pre-schools.

Progress Reports of the child: For every child, the teachers prepare a progress report, which lets you know about what the child is learning and how good he is at the learning process. You could also talk to the teachers to know how you can help your child do better.

Your child gets to explore new things and accomplish new projects at the Kids R Kids Pre-school. The kids are given enough time to play too so that their natural growth of the mind is not stunted.  Care is taken to plan games for them in such way that the kids learn a lot through such games.  Also a recent drive by of the school shows that the Kids R Kids in Durham was recently purchased and is under new management.

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