A Closer View of The Primrose School of Raleigh

primrose school raleigh

The Primrose school is an institution of private pre-schools, which offer innovative and educational plans for infants and toddlers. Unlike many day care provisions, the Primrose school introduces a balanced learning curriculum. This is a great way to foster an active and sharp mind in the kids, besides a healthy body and a smiling face.

Many parents feel that this school is the ‘cream of the crop’. They believe that the school makes a good contribution in affecting the overall development of the child. Parents can actually see it all happening in front of their eyes, as the school allows them to come in and have a look around.

Training for an enduring learning – academically and emotionally

A philosophy of balanced life:  The base of your child’s education is made in the kindergarten. He/she is taught about the elementary successes of life and is encouraged to take on the larger ones in due course of time. The Primrose schools believe that academic development and social development go in harmony with each other, and it is important to be equally proficient in both in order to face the later challenges of life. Thus, programs are so designed that they train the kids to have a skill in math and develop their reading prowess, along with other fun activities.

As parents, you are also updated about your kid’s day-to-day progress. The children’s daily progress is discussed in the parent- teacher meeting sessions, through the newsletters and the progress reports. The pre-schools also prepare your child for the forthcoming years at the elementary school. The specially designed programs are comprehensive in nature and help the child to get ready for the elementary school years.

Special endeavor:

The Primrose Schools in Raleigh and Cary offer curriculum that is on par with the entire franchise.  Children are divided into small groups and have a teacher to teach them the basics. The low ratio of the student and teachers help the children to learn faster and better. This also allows individual attention, which in turn makes the student feel very comfortable and close-knit with the teacher, thereby gaining confidence to ask questions whenever in doubt. Here, the students master the primary academic skills of phonics, reading, calculating and writing.

For every child, the schools arrange individualized reading and mathematics classes. This enhances the confidence of each child, as they are secluded from their peers.

In the daily programs, the school authorities include opportunities for learning with fun. The children tend to pick up things faster the fun way and also retain them for a longer period.

It is necessary to shape the character of the child since the very beginning, and mostly it is the kindergarten teacher who helps the child with it. The interpersonal communication skills, life skills and other soft skills are enhanced by the teachers, with equal importance paid to academics.  In that way, they offer a similar experience as the Goddard Schools of Raleigh

Extra curricular activities:

Painting and art: Art is a medium through which the complete creative development of a child is brought about. With the use of crayons and watercolors, the children learn to express themselves in a colorful way and let their creativity bloom full-fledgedly.

Music: Not only are the children made to learn songs, they also get to know the names of different musical instruments.

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