Is It Common For Married People Dream of Being Single

While the majority of single people dream of getting married and having kids, many married people dream of being single again! For single people who are already in love or are yet to fall in love, they are very eager to get married. The attitude of married people who pine for their single lives and who long to be single again, can be perceived as being quite strange.

Married people dream of being single again as a result of a few reasons. They may even advise single people to sit and think twice before they say, “I do.” This is because they believe that after getting married, people become busy with various responsibilities and the kids, so they hardly find time for each other.

Living with your spouse’s imperfections: You may have lived with your partner prior to marrying them but after marriage; living with them 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, it may now not be as easy to overlook their imperfections. They may even begin to irritate you at times.  As they are only human, it is very possible that they may be in a bad mood from time to time. In this situation, putting up with your spouse may be very difficult to deal with.

Dealing with the kids: The added stress of having to deal with the kids after a day at the office might also make you resent your married life and leave you wishing for your single life again. While you love your kids dearly, you tend to find yourself longing for some free time for yourself once you return home after a long day at work.

Sometimes you need to say sorry even if you know that you are right: After marriage, compromise becomes the keyword in order to maintain your relationship. Married people dream of being single again because they sometimes get fed up with the regular compromises. This feeling becomes worse as people constantly think and believe that there is no escape from this and that it is likely to remain this way for the entirety of their life.

Sharing your spouse’s frustrations: You can often have a great day and when you come back home, you may see your spouse with a sad face, and rotten mood. This may be purely down to the fact that their day was not a very good one. You will need to sit down and share their frustrations, which may kill the joy of your good day.

A sense of lack of freedom: A lot of people feel that they are no longer enjoying the freedom that they used to experience before marriage. Going out with friends, late night parties, or for a lot of trips without having anything to worry about… all these become a bit more difficult once you are married.

While the majority of single people dream of getting married and having kids, many married people dream of being single again! For single people who are already in love or are yet to fall in love, they are very eager to get married. The attitude of married people who pine for their single lives and who long to be single again, can be perceived as being quite strange.

Married people dream of being single again as a result of a few reasons. They may even advise single people to sit and think twice before they say, “I do.” This is because they believe that after getting married, people become busy with various responsibilities and the kids, so they hardly find time for each other.

Living with your spouse’s imperfections: You may have lived with your partner prior to marrying them but after marriage; living with them 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, it may now not be as easy to overlook their imperfections. They may even begin to irritate you at times.  As they are only human, it is very possible that they may be in a bad mood from time to time. In this situation, putting up with your spouse may be very difficult to deal with.

Dealing with the kids: The added stress of having to deal with the kids after a day at the office might also make you resent your married life and leave you wishing for your single life again. While you love your kids dearly, you tend to find yourself longing for some free time for yourself once you return home after a long day at work.

Sometimes you need to say sorry even if you know that you are right: After marriage, compromise becomes the keyword in order to maintain your relationship. Married people dream of being single again because they sometimes get fed up with the regular compromises. This feeling becomes worse as people constantly think and believe that there is no escape from this and that it is likely to remain this way for the entirety of their life.

Sharing your spouse’s frustrations: You can often have a great day and when you come back home, you may see your spouse with a sad face, and rotten mood. This may be purely down to the fact that their day was not a very good one. You will need to sit down and share their frustrations, which may kill the joy of your good day.

A sense of lack of freedom: A lot of people feel that they are no longer enjoying the freedom that they used to experience before marriage. Going out with friends, late night parties, or for a lot of trips without having anything to worry about… all these become a bit more difficult once you are married.

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