Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

madela freestyle pump

It is not always a good idea to feed formula to a newborn baby. Most mothers resent it and those who do, do so because they don’t have an option. Newborn babies who get breast-fed are always at an advantage over those don’t in terms of overall growth, muscle development and brain tissue growth. In today’s competitive atmosphere, women have to deal with a lot of disadvantages in their careers and general social life. A lot of this is attributed to pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing. Medela pump converts your disadvantages to an advantage over others as it is available in a light weight model which is very handy to use. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump can be used to pump out the milk and store it. This milk can be fed to the baby even when the mother is not at home or has gone out with the baby for a ride.

The Medela pump is called Freestyle Breast Pump as the mothers can keep their hands free while the milk is being expressed. You could engage in knitting or reading as you use them. The advanced technology put to use in the mechanism of the Medela Pump employs a two phase extracting process.  This mimics the baby’s natural suckling process of a fast and then slow suckles. The time between the two suckles is the stimulation period. The mother by natural instinct releases the milk when the baby suckles fast. After that the baby suckles at a slow pace gently drinking the milk. The well designed breast pumps are able to give the mothers a feeling of being suckled by the baby.

Freestyle breast pumps often come with an LCD screen which displays the extraction speed and other information, which are related to the process of milk extraction. The LCD monitor can also act as a light in the dark during milk expression procedure. You could also store the settings in the memory of the device for future usage.

The Medela pumps are very light in weight and small in size. This makes it effortless to carry around when you have to move a lot. The Medela breast pumps come in a carry bag. You could choose your carry bag. Most people choose back pack, as it is easy to carry on the shoulders and keep your hands free for other things. Apart from the Medela pump the bags also accommodate four feeding bottles of 5 ounces, rechargeable battery, power cord, lids and cooling element etc. The straps of the backpack are sturdy and comfortable to fall on your shoulders.

Sometimes the baby loves to be fed by the grandmothers or their dad. In such cases the mother can just relax as they can hand over the bottle to them and let the baby have the milk. In the meantime she can take some rest or go for the week’s shopping.

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