Raleigh Family Attractions

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Raleigh, in North Carolina, is known as the City of Oaks. Once you arrive in Raleigh, there are lots to do. In fact, the Raleigh family attractions will keep you busy throughout your stay. Greater Raleigh is best known for being a family friendly site with many activities available to participate in as well as having many attractions. The site has museums, live performances, festivals, lakes and family parks. Raleigh also has the Wachovia IMAX Theater, the Marbles Kids Museum in addition to the Andy and Opie statue of TV Land. Families can actually make the most of their time at the Raleigh family attractions by taking part in the multifarious outdoor recreation activities.

The Jordan Lake is a spectacular site and it offers over 13000 acres of shore with as many as 9 recreational arenas like a bald eagle observatory; you can even go for camping here. The Oak View Country Park is a kind of farmstead that comprises a barn, carriage house and farmhouse. There is even a cotton museum, pecan grove, an herb garden as well as a family cemetery. The JC Raulston Arboretum is a nationally accredited garden site that has over 100 rose species, magnolias, buckeyes and more. Free tours are organized every Sunday between March and October.

As the capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh allows you to plunge the water slide with your wife and kid or even play miniature golf and choose to go your own way down the hayride. This is also the ideal place for lovers of pets and animals as one of the important Raleigh family attractions is the nature park situated in the city. The number of places to visit and is explores is so vast that once you kids arrive, they may never want to go back home!  What’s more?  The best thing is that a lot of these attractions are free!

The entertainment options in the city are varied and exciting.  Moreover, the Raleigh family attractions are affordable, approachable and provide you with the unique appeal of a classic town in the South. There are the best of Broadway shows to watch, along with live concerts, historic destinations, amateur as well as professional sporting events and finally the shopping hubs where you can get all what you need for your family. The scenic setting is similar to a huge park with everything that you need right under your nose. Other than being one of the great places to live in, Raleigh is also good to walk around and explore with your family.

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