Why Single People Secretly Wish They Were Married With Kids

Single people secretly wish they were married with kids. Married people may fall off their chairs when they learn that single people secretly wish they were married with kids but that remains a fact. There are many factors that make single people long for married life. Regardless of whether they are committed or not, they wish that they were married. People wish to get married and come home to a partner after a long tiring day at work. There are a lot of reasons why single people secretly wish they were married with kids:

Love: People fall in love and wish to spend the rest of their lives together and then complete their family by having kids. This is one of the major factors that make the single people wish that they were married and happy with a spouse.

Companionship: Single people very often feel lonely and this is something, which can haunt them, as they do not have anyone to share things with. Besides, even they wish to have someone by their side, care for them when they are down and also for physical or emotional reasons. If nothing else, they want to fight with someone over silly and meaningless topics; and who can be a better choice for that than your spouse? Everyone wants to have their own kids, someone who could call them mom or papa.

Regular sex:  This is perhaps the most obvious reason why single people want to get married – regular sex. It is more fulfilling to have sex with one person rather than going on numerous dates and asking your partner to make out with you.

Social life: In order to fit in to the social arena of life, single people wish that they were married with kids. There are a lot of social gatherings, which do not allow stag entries. What better way to enjoy your social life than to be married with a loving spouse and have kids with them? You can mingle with people of your age and have a wonderful time if you are married.

Longer life: Studies have shown that married men (not so for women) tend to enjoy longer life than unmarried men. One of the main reasons for this is because married life reduces their stress of staying single and having to try and find someone suitable. Single people can also share the work with their spouse once they are married. Married people work together as part of a team and both aim to support the other through hard times.

Financial benefits: Like sharing the work pressure, single people can also share their expenses with their spouses once they are married. This helps to take the pressures and burdens off a person, bothe emotional and financial. Besides this, there are also a lot of tax reductions and benefits that are offered to married people by the government.

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