Hygeia EnJoye-EPS Double Electric Breast Pump

There are certain things to consider before buying a breast pump.  Among the main things that you should look for before investing in a breast pump is, whether they are closed system ones with replaceable flanges and tubes. The closed system pumps are always a better choice as they are specially designed to prevent the milk from getting contaminated.

Before you buy any breast pumps, talk to your friends or relatives who might have used one. They can give you a clear picture and clarify your doubts. You could also talk to your lactating consultant who could tell you which model would be the best, taking into consideration, the size of your breast and nipples. You can choose to Read More »

Date Ideas For Adults With Kids

date night ideas for mom and dad

Kids – aren’t they what you always wanted to have?  However, when they finally come, you suddenly noticed that you are not getting to spend the same quality time with your partner anymore that you used to. It is not the kids…it is the lack of time that is hindering you from spending quality time with your partner. The increased responsibility is what is boggling you down. Even when you get some time from the daily demands of family chores, you waste it wondering about date ideas when you have kids.

So here’s a list to help you out. Just give these date ideas when you have kids a try and keep the romance going:

Night In: With the kids coming into picture, being able to go out on a romantic date looks like a Herculean task. But that shouldn’t stop you from stealing some romantic moments from your life. If you do not find time to go out together, you can just grab the couch together, snuggle in and watch a movie. If the movie is a romantic one, half your job is done. If not, then let it roll along with your romantic whispers. One big no-no for the nights is to discuss any family issues. The key to the Night In romance is to enjoy the company of each other in seclusion, much like you did before marriage or before the kids arrived.

Afternoon Acts: On weekends in the afternoon, as your kid explores a different world in his dreams, it is an opportunity to explore yours. Choose an activity that both of you enjoy – swimming, fishing, riding, playing golf or anything for that matter… and just go for it. If you do not want to go out or have the time to do so, there are a lot of Read More »

North Carolina Child Care Information

The government of North Carolina has always been clear and vocal about its needs for ensuring the safety of kids. Not just that, it has also taken steps to provide adequate sources for child care and safety to put the worries of the parents to peace. North Carolina child care facilities ensure that appropriate care is provided in crèches and nurseries or by nannies who seek to offer care for your baby at home. On a formal note, the North Carolina child care centers also offer the kids with education, discipline, child development, as well as, pre-school education. There may be minders for your child and their key services include providing care for your baby and a lot of other families as well, either at their place or at a specialized facility for day care.

A lot of employers in North Carolina also extend the provision of opening nurseries for the kids of the employees, either at the place where the employment facility is located or very near it. North Carolina child care facilities are provided at the home of the kid by a baby sitter or “au pair”.  At times, there are even members of the Read More »

Tips For Finding a Good Pre-school

If you intend to find a good pre-school for your child, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. The academically oriented pre-schools, which offer age-appropriate toys to the children, aim at bringing about an overall development of the kids. Once you have made up your mind, the next step entails prioritizing and doing a thorough research on all the available options. You need to prepare a list of items that you are looking for in a pre-school. Analyze the kind of educational program that you are looking for, the time you are taking for reaching the school from home, the kind of activities which you want your child to participate in, and similar other factors.

Once you have prepared the list and have a fair idea about the features that you are looking for in the pre-school, you need to do a thorough scrutiny and evaluation of the available options. While trying to find a good pre-school, seek advice from your acquaintances and friends. You can count on the educational quality of the Read More »

Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Hygeia EnDeare Hospital Grade Breast Pump is a standard device that is basically piston driven. It is a double electric powered breast pump. The EnDeare breast pump can help in the initiation of milk supply when in some cases breast feeding is not possible naturally, besides collecting the expressed milk.

The internal piston of these breast pumps is a powerful and efficient one and lets the mother adjust the suction speed manually, to match her comfort level. Thus you can customize the devices according to your own preferences. It is really light and poses no problems at all to carry around, even when you are traveling.

When the internal lithium ion battery is charged fully, the breast pump can give you 4 hours of suction. The EnDeare breast pumps are offered with a bonus feature – the Hygeia Customized Audio Recording Experience (CARE) button. This lets you record the voice and sounds of your baby for 20 seconds. You can play them back while Read More »