The 6 Best Healthy Family Foods of 2009

wild salmon is a smart choice for your diet

wild salmon is a smart choice for your diet

It’s not hard to tell that I am a big fan of eating well and avoiding foods that are bad for your health.   As a North Carolinian, many of my diet choices are limited to the local options that are around me.  Consider that Raleigh, North Carolina was ranked #19th  fattest city in the country by Men’s Fitness Magazine so that is where a large portion of the battle begins.  Simply locating adequate food options can be a challenge, but one that your health depends on.

So what can you do to ensure that your diet is on track in the new year?  Consider advising your loved ones to eat more of the following foods in 2009

  1. Citrus fruits (particularly oranges) cantaloupe and watermelon
  2. Berries
  3. Whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal
  4. Broccoli, spinach, kale,
  5. Tomatoes, tomato sauce foods
  6. Nuts, particularly almonds and walnuts, seeds and avocado
  7. Beans
  8. Low fat yogurt and milk | Or Maybe not
  9. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots
  10. Wild salmon, eggs (with Omega 3 & Vitamin E from vegetarian fed hens)

The saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, has never been more apparent than with the food choices you give to your loved ones.   So remember in the new year to monitor what you eat and where you eat in 2009.

19) Raleigh Data from Men’s Fitness

  • Fitness Centers & Sport Stores: A-
  • Nutrition: D+
  • Sports Participation: F+
  • TV Viewing: D-
  • Overweight/Sedentary: C-
  • Junk Food: D
  • Air Quality: B+
  • Geography: B-
  • Commute: B
  • Parks & Open Space: B
  • City Rec Facilities: C
  • Access to Healthcare: D-
  • Motivation: F
  • Mayor & City Initiatives: C-
  • State Obesity Initiatives: A-
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